TOMONI Voice is a conversational platform that surfaces power plant health insights through on-demand access to equipment data, operation & maintenance materials, and predictive insights to ensure optimal plant health & efficiency. The product aggregates multiple systems to rapidly transform detailed data and analytics into valuable and actionable insights that increase power plant efficiency and profitability.

Project Goals

Intuitive voice user experience

Custom conversational design with natural language processing, made possible by the bespoke docking station with custom acoustics solution.

Maximize performance and profitability

Monitor equipment health and increase plant availability through intelligent insights to optimize plant performance.​

Save time and reduce operational costs

Increase productivity and real-time decision making through on-demand access to plant health data aggregated across multiple systems.


An end-to-end product that supports Mitsubishi Power on its journey to making energy systems smarter, more profitable, and ultimately more autonomous on the road to a sustainable future.

We are impressed with Vectorform's technical prowess, organizational abilities, and their flexibility to adapt to the climate of the project. They’ve definitely shown their colors in helping us with this device. I would highly recommend them for the overall support for R&D and development.

Alisa Webb - program manager, intelligent solutions

Real-time data readings

A single point of access to the most important data on the plant, updated in real-time and accessible via touch or voice commands.

Fast document access through voice commands

Ask the device about any operational information for your plant systems and get answers in a matter of seconds through easy voice commands.

Instant alert notifications

The system will notify you about any abnormal conditions that may affect the equipment so you can take any necessary preventative steps in time.

Make the call

No need to save and dig through multiple contacts anymore. Initiate and answer customer service calls directly from the device, all through voice.

Predictive severe weather alerts

Any weather conditions that may affect the plant are always monitored and visible at a glance. You will never miss an important update.

Voice commands coaching

Not sure how to start using voice commands? Our system will guide you on the best practices to help you discover the full functionality of the product.


TOMONI Voice provides a single point of access for all of the digital content needed to run a power plant. From realtime system reports to equipment user manuals, TOMONI Voice is a groundbreaking natural language assistant paving the way for power plants of the future.


  • product strategy
  • UX/UI/VUI Design