Training has never been more important in law enforcement, and it takes constant training for public safety officers to perform at their best. But not all training is equal. Traditional police training can be time-consuming, unrealistic, and expensive for most agencies; that’s where Axon comes in. Axon VR is an all-in-one training platform that can be easily deployed anytime, anywhere — no PC, complex tracking equipment, or dedicated training space required. Simulator Training enables trainees to practice and refine their skills during drills and increasingly complex scenarios as they assess, give verbal commands, and make split-second decisions, including drawing on their TASER energy weapon and training firearms if a situation demands.


Repeatable training

Utilize real TASER 7 weapons so that every officer gets the most up-to-date and consistent training every time.

Increased confidence

Allow officers to go through the simulation as many times as necessary, without the additional expenses associated with training.


Decentralize training with easy-to-deploy wireless technology that can be used anytime, anywhere, without large time or space constraints.


VR allows users to “live” scenarios before they are encountered in the field and can induce stress responses similar to those seen in the field, helping build stronger muscle memory during training.


More focused than e-learning peers


Faster skill and knowledge development


More confident in applying skills learned

Data from PwC’s VR Report: Seeing is Believing

80% of our officers feel more prepared based on the training that Vectorform provided. Moreover, we’ve sped up one of our product's sales, making it the fastest-growing product for our company. We’re impressed with their engineering capabilities, collaborative approach, and bias for action.

Jake Wallack - Director, AR/VR Product and Content

Custom hardware integration

Utilizing Bluetooth to enable the use of a custom VR-enabled cartridge that works inside of a duty weapon, VR enabled Glock training firearm, and wrist trackers developed by HTC to improve accuracy of wrist tracking & orientation. This custom-made hardware allows trainees to train true-to-life by using the same devices as they would in the field.

Trainer tablet coaching

Throughout the entire platform, the trainee will have a trainer walking them through the scenarios and providing real-time feedback. Using a tablet the trainer can control whether a trainee repeats a scenario or advances to a new scenario. After-action reports stored on Academy provide performance and progress metrics, insight into an officer’s decisions, and new opportunities for coaching and program development.

Firing Range Basic

In this scenario, trainees learn safe and effective deployment of weapons. Trainees learn to operate TASER energy weapons and Glock training firearms in an indoor range, then practice their skills on stationary targets from varying distances to improve accuracy, speed, tactical knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Firing Range Intermediate

In this scenario, trainees deploy the TASER 7 energy weapon from various distances on moving subjects in an outdoor, nighttime setting. This fast-paced exercise helps trainees utilize safety features, recognize proper spread and probe placement on moving subjects, and achieve higher accuracy when deploying TASER cartridges.

Project Impact

Axon VR represents the future of public safety training: immersive de-escalation training that is designed to make both communities and officers safer. By providing additional training, Axon can build an officer’s confidence in using TASER devices and work towards their mission of making the bullet obsolete.


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  • Unity Builds
  • Azure hosting