With the popularity of online retail continually on the rise, physical retail spaces need to evolve to meet consumer expectations. On a mission to transform the traditional mall experience, Vectorform is reimagining mobile apps for all Taubman centers to incorporate successful facets of online shopping, such as digital content, personalization, convenience, and community.


Architect for inclusive regional flexibility

Establish an app architecture to accommodate regional user profiles and a fully localized shopping experience.

Establish a scalable framework for reuse

Accommodate evolving content and branding, for high volume deployments and streamlined maintenance from a universal codebase.

A must-have companion

Combat eCommerce disruption and rekindle admiration for in-store retail, providing value for mall tenants, retailers, and visitors.


10 out of 10 users consider this solution as a must-have companion while shopping.

We collaborated with Taubman stakeholders to usher in a new era of shopper engagement: give consumers a more convenient and rewarding way to experience mall retail. After conducting initial research and stakeholder alignment sessions, we designed, developed, and tested our solution. The results are in, 10 out of 10 users consider this solution a must-have companion while shopping.

Through close collaboration with Vectorform, we were able to deliver a truly exceptional user experience for shoppers that visit our centers. With Vectorform as our partner, it wasn’t just about taking an app redesign to production–– it was about unmasking experience potential. We’re confident knowing their solutions will live and grow past deployment, and they’ve helped us define new ways to keep our customers engaged.

Melissa Shock - Digital Marketing Manager, Taubman

Exclusive Offers, Events & Dining

We drive consumers to the physical retail space by providing them with the new and exclusive offers, events, and dining content catered to each center. Users can view content details and save for quick access later in their Profile.

Personalized Curated Content

With 63 percent of consumers expecting personalization as a standard in retail service, our solution offers curated, recommended content based on personal interests so that consumers can engage with what matters most to them.

Building Brand Connections

We enable users to conveniently connect to brands they love by offering access to retailer-specific offers, product listings, “where to park” suggestions, and similar store recommendations for each retailer they view.

Time-Saving Wayfinding

Time is a precious commodity in today’s busy world. Competing with the time-saving luxuries of online retail, we implemented a comprehensive indoor wayfinding solution that allows for easy and efficient navigation to all mall retailers, dining, and amenities.

Ultimately elevating retailer success, we have transformed the way consumers interact with traditional malls – allowing them to cater their experience to their specific needs, lifestyle, and interests. Today, Taubman offers a mobile solution that not only keeps their consumers engaged beyond in-store, but also elevates retail experiences in our ever-evolving digital world.


  • Strategy & Analytics
  • UX/UI Design
  • BA/Development/QA
  • Usability Testing
  • Management


  • Experience Audit
  • Feature Prioritization Session
  • Strategic Feature Roadmap
  • Scalable UX/UI Design for 15 Centers
  • Deployment for Center Applications


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