To launch their first ever connected product, SharkNinja partnered with Vectorform to build the Shark ION™ Robot mobile apps and voice assistant integration. The apps provide users control of their robot, scheduling for clean cycles, and a historical view of their robot’s cleaning activity.


Accelerated launch timeline

Have the iOS and Android apps completed for product testing within four months.

Empower all Shark customers

Create an intuitive and seamless app experience for broad demographic adoption.

Architect a solution for growth

Deliver a scalable mobile framework to support initial launch and future growth targets.



Monthly Active Users


App Downloads


Avg. Sessions Per Week

As of Q4 2018

'Alexa, tell Shark to start cleaning.' It’s nice when you can control your robot with your voice. The Shark app is user friendly and feature-rich too. Getting the vacuum connected to Wi-Fi is simple.

Erika Rawes, Digital Trends

Full control

Whether home or away, command the robot to clean, pause, or return to the dock from the Control page. Send the robot to clean a specific spot, adjust the cleaning strength, or locate when missing.

Simple schedules

Create custom cleaning schedules for the robot for when it’s most convenient. Set a unique cleaning schedule for each day of the week, then let the robot do all of the work.

Cleaning records

View the robot's past 30 days of activity and alerts from the History page. Select a day to see a more detailed cleaning report, with tips for getting the most out of the robot.

Dark theme

The app initially launched with an exclusive Dark Theme UI. With the launch of two new models, the 2018 update included a switch to a lighter theme.

SharkNinja quickly entered the connected marketplace with the Shark ION Robot as its first robotic vacuum, connected product and mobile app. For the next 18 months, the mobile and voice experiences evolved to incorporate user feedback and introduce new features, while in parallel launching multiple new robot models.  As of January 2019, the product boasts a 4.8 star app store rating, and a 3.7 star product rating.


  • Strategy & Analytics
  • UX/UI Design & Research
  • Mobile & Voice Engineering
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • Strategic User Flows
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Research & Analytics Findings
  • Test Script & Test Cases
  • Deployment for iOS & Android
  • Deployment for Alexa

Get the app

Download the easy-to-use Shark ION™ Robot app on your iPhone or Android to schedule or start cleaning from anywhere.

Voice skills

Control your robot with voice commands supported on Amazon Alexa devices.