Technicians face a multitude of questions when drivers bring in their trucks for service. The trucking/ logistics industry is also challenged with filling employment opportunities to a new generation of truck drivers. PACCAR developed PACLink to provide a reliable and transparent resource amongst drivers, fleet owners, and maintenance operators, while also attracting new drivers with a modern vehicle diagnostics platform.


PAClink provides immediate guidance to the technician on where service is needed with relevant diagnostic metrics, while providing the driver with a sense of ease knowing they will be back on the road quickly. Real-time diagnostics of PACCAR vehicles is enabled through a BLE device connected through the 9-pin diagnostic port running J1939. Vectorform has been working with PACCAR on maintaining and growing the mobile product since late 2018.

Project Goals

Grow and broaden customer loyalty

Increase dealer engagement and servicing capability

Gain meaningful driver-to-truck analytics and insights

PacLink is a crucial bridge for PACCAR, providing truck ownership insights and key performance data while supplying dealers with an effective tool for quickly identifying and resolving maintenance items. Vectorform has played a key role in the growth of this program by ensuring stability and scalability of the application.

Nicholas Poborka, PACCAR Innovation Portfolio Manager

Critical data accessibility

Average Speed, Fuel Consumption, Emissions, and Route Logistics all play an important role in understanding truck performance, vehicle safety, and operational cost. 

Service platform integration

With the integration into Decisiv, case creation through the mobile application using PAClink data streamlines the steps needed for dealers and repair centers to prepare trucks for maintenance.

Cloud ready

With the creation of the Azure-base middleware, the PAClink product is prepared for future growth in areas to help support drivers in the trucking community. This includes reduced mobile app development effort and complexity, and centralized integration of additional third-party services or custom capabilities.


  • project management
  • mobile engineering
  • Firmware/Embedded engineering
  • Cloud/Azure development
  • UX/UI Design


  • Mobile App Deployment


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