Landauer set out to re-invent their 60+ year global radiation safety products and services business to a platform as a service model. The Verifii platform migrated from an analog badge system to a wearable-based, wireless, and digitally connected platform that introduces Landauer to the Enterprise IoT space.


Vectorform supported Landauer in developing their Bluetooth connected Dosimeter wearable and web-based platform to monitor, track, and report radiation exposure in real-time. This solution allows Radiation Safety Officers to easily manage regulatory compliance demands at both the state and federal levels, thus improving overall safety.


Real-time measurement & reporting

Replace analog dosimeter reporting time (60-90 days) with digital dosimeters coupled with web reporting & informatics platform.

Scale to support diverse segments & industries

The Verifii platform must scale from single participant clinics to 100k+ participants within a large healthcare system, with flexibility to accommodate industry specific business logic.

Competitive advantage

Become first to market with the highest quality offering to provide a competitive advantage and continued innovation in dosimetry.


Real-time radiation detection

Achieved drastically reduced radiation detection and measurement reporting when compared to traditional analog dosimeters, which measured over several month spans.

Reduce operational overhead & logistics

Estimated 30% reduction in operational and logistical expenditures relating to assembly, logistics, manually retrieving data and performing complex data calculations, data input & reporting, and dosimeter annealing for future use.

Digital Product Innovation, Digital Experiences, Digital Strategy - these summarize the core competencies at the heart of the Vectorform offering and the value-add they provide. Over the past 2+ years, Vectorform has partnered with LANDAUER's IT, R&D and Marketing Departments to "re-invent" the LANDAUER product platform. This has included moving from an analog (disconnected) platform, to a wearable-based, wireless and digitally connected platform that introduces Landauer to the IoT. Vectorform has worked with LANDAUER every step of the way to build a user experience second-to-none that positions LANDAUER at the forefront of IoT UX moving forward.

Doug King, CIO Landauer

Verifii Web Platform

Collected dosimeter data allows Radiation Safety Officers and participants to monitor their radiation exposure over time, ensuring they meet state and federal regulatory compliance.

Participant App

Participants of the platform are empowered with access to real-time data collected by their personal dosimeter through a mobile app solution.

Detecting Actual Usage

Beyond detecting radiation while in use, the Verifii platform also ensures that the intended participant is wearing the badge that has been allocated to them. Accelerometer data prevents participants from leaving their badge in storage, improving reporting on actual usage only.


  • Product Management
  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Engineering
  • Hardware & Firmware Consultation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • Interface Designs
  • Test Script & Test Cases
  • Deployment for iOS & Android
  • Web Deployment
  • Hardware Builds
  • Video

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