In 2016, DTE and Vectorform co-created an Innovation program that helps the organization do different and brings speed to value. When COVID-19 hit, this team was needed to keep its workforce safe, organized, and equipped.


DTE’s Pandemic Response Team required a way to execute traditionally in-person processes such as health screening for their workforce, securing critical hardware, and accessing equipment. The Innovation team urgently mobilized to implement a variety of digital solutions. Using a suite of simple, yet effective tools, in less than five days, the team was able to rapidly deliver solutions meeting the urgent demand required to safeguard employees and customers.


Stop the potential spread of COVID-19

Digitize and scale paper processes

Gain meaningful enterprise analytics and insights


Value Delivered in 2020: $20,212,345

Value Delivery 2020 – 2023: $37,282,345


The Value Infusion Methodology™, created by Vectorform, brings clarity to the business value of Innovation. It is a pressure-tested process that has been implemented at Fortune 500 companies and is a system to help partners define and quantify the impact of innovation activities to their business. It is guided by standard calculations provided by the respective organization’s Business Partners and Finance department and involves iterative calculations as more information is gathered throughout the innovation process, culminating in a final, business and finance-approved calculation.

Speed to Value

Selecting simple yet effective solution suites allowed the Innovation team to streamline and expedite project delivery timelines. From challenge identification, to development, implementation, and operationalization, the average pandemic project was delivered in five days or less drastically accelerating speed to value.

Critical Data Accessibility Through Digitization

By digitizing processes which were once completed in-person and on paper, DTE leadership realized process efficiencies and gained real-time insight into critical data. This data allowed DTE to proactively stop the potential spread of COVID-19 by keeping symptomatic employees at home and assisted with contact tracing efforts.

User-Centric Experience

By collaborating with business stakeholders, process owners, and focused test groups the team integrated UX/UI best practices to ensure ease of use. Using an agile approach, the team continued incorporating iterative feedback from stakeholders and users during the support and maintenance phase after the first major release

Project Impact

DTE’s ability to respond so rapidly to the shifting dynamic caused by the 2020 Pandemic is a by-product of their long-term commitment and investment in an enterprise innovation program. Maintaining an awareness on organizational goals, priorities, and impact within Vectorform’s managed innovation program provides unprecedented tools, tactics, and talent to tackle well-planned, long-range strategic activities and the ability to successfully pivot in unexpected situations.


  • Finance Strategy
  • innovation analyst
  • program management
  • project management


  • Mobile app deployment
  • Power BI dashboard