Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) partnered with Vectorform to establish Seattle on the world stage through a new and improved online presence. The new website would act as GSP’s main marketing platform, provide information about the organization, and promote the Greater Seattle area and its opportunities to investors and the global business community—therefore driving trade, business, and economic development in the region.


Architect user flows and design system

Strategize user flow and create a flexible design system of re-usable components for long-term scale.

Establish aesthetic to enhance the brand

Generate high-fidelity layouts and treatments to take the brand to more visually engaging levels.

Engineer a product for growth

Deliver a scalable web framework and CMS, with CRM integration, to increase efficiency and help with growth targets.


A compelling digital experience that goes above and beyond any of its kind.

Visitors to the site are greeted with beautiful, scenic photography and stories from the region, while simple, easy-to-use navigation and thoughtful hierarchy point to key information on industries, opportunities, communities, and quality of life in Greater Seattle. With fully responsive layouts, users will find the website feels as clean and well-crafted on mobile as it does on large-scale displays. Steering away from the typical corporate look-and-feel one might expect from similar organizations, it provides a breath of fresh air that will come as a pleasant surprise to most visitors.

In the twenty-plus years I’ve been doing this, it’s the most beautiful economic development website I’ve ever seen. It makes you really proud to be part of this thriving region.

Brian McGowan, GSP CEO

Collaborative partnerships

While Vectorform was engaged as the web design and development partner, part of the success was in collaborating closely with other partners responsible for developing the content and brand for GSP. Turnstyle, a branding and digital agency, helped develop the identity and brand, while Nyhus, a communications agency, helped deliver messaging and copy strategy.

Flexible components

Vectorform’s design team established a design system based on flexible, user-friendly components. Adhering to UX best practices, components are easily manipulated for straightforward editing and control over specifics.

Beautiful photography

Each photo was carefully curated and treated to fit the brand and exhibit a fresh glimpse of the best that Greater Seattle has to offer in both urban and rural areas.

Fully responsive

The website was designed and built to work on a multitude of devices and screen sizes, from small mobile screens to large-scale displays such as TVs.

Highly flexible CMS with CRM integration

Based on a customized WordPress platform fine-tuned by our engineers, the forms connect to the Salesforce CRM, while the admin dashboard allows stakeholders to easily manage diverse page content, global components, and news posts.

The complete revamp of GSP’s web presence has amplified their brand, generating much higher awareness of the region and organization itself. The platform presents a seamless, easy-to-use interface to the target audience—showcasing a variety of inviting visuals and content funneled through a thoughtful design system. Thanks to powerful CMS tools, CRM and analytics integrations, GSP’s content delivery and lead management process has become significantly more efficient, enabling a reduction in previous workflow costs.


  • UX/UI Design & Research
  • Web Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • Site architecture
  • Strategic user flows
  • UX/UI Design
  • Deployment for Web