EPIC Games and Vectorform joined forces to create an HMI tool for the Unreal Engine, enabling first time and veteran Unreal users to kickstart their HMI design efforts as frictionless and effectively as possible. Our Automotive HMI Starter Kit delivers an expedited workflow for the creation of instrument clusters in Unreal along with an environment to test the interface. With UI templates, real-time data inputs, and material controls, this kit provides a quick and flexible platform for custom HMI design. This allows automotive teams to safely conduct realistic tests to validate their ideas inside a custom 3D vehicle and environment, or simply share concepts for presentation purposes.

Project Goals

User Friendly

Enable both veteran and new users of Real-time engines to build HMI solutions, fast!

Functional Design

Provide widgets and templates to create functional designs for the instrument clusters and the infotainment console.

No Coding Required

Simulate your designs in real-time on your machine across multiple screens and evaluate your creations.

Our collaboration with Vectorform was a great experience as their expertise in the Mobility industry brings instant value to any conversations and helped to shape the product from the very beginning. Even with the challenges 2020 brought with it, they made remote collaboration as natural and inclusive as possible, keeping all teams focused to deliver a great tool on time for Epic Build.

Joe Andresen - Technical Product Manager, Embedded Systems and HMI at Epic Games

Jump Right In

10+ pre-built instrument cluster templates, including: EV/ICE common templates, two switchable color schemes (light and dark), and instrument layout guidelines.

Real-time Data Inputs

50+ variations of customizable widgets with real-time data inputs, including global text and image, speedometers, tachometers, fuel and battery life meters, and power regeneration meters.

Robust Asset Library

Asset library designed and organized for simplicity and reusability, including: various pre-set material and parameter collections, telltale library, center console/ infotainment and vehicle health widgets, animation system for boot-up and shutdown sequences.

Virtual Environment

Full environment and vehicle simulator modular street system, including city and residential buildings and customizable event triggers.

Vehicle Simulation

Template 3D vehicle: exterior and interior, fully customizable screens, vehicle message bus with blueprint integration.

Buck Simulation

Deploy to any and multiple screens to test your layout and overall experience. Multi-display support including the use of mobile devices as displays over WiFi.


Vectorform believes in the power of user-created content and visions. By making such a tool freely available to the great design and developer community of Unreal Engine, we are excited to see what great experiences come out of the HMI Start Kit. As adoption grows, we will implement new features based on feedback and customize them to the specific needs of your project or organization.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Unreal design & development
  • Design system implementation
  • project management


  • Multi-screen design system
  • Unreal project
  • HMI widgets
  • hmi simulator


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