Challenged with Smart Meter adoption, community perception, and energy efficiency goals, Vectorform approached DTE Energy with an untraditional approach that would set a new bar for the industry, customer experience, and innovation leadership. Together with DTE, we conceptualized, architected, and designed a product for scale, ultimately spinning off into a joint venture investment as Powerley where the product has since grown and been implemented with other state utilities.


Design a positive touchpoint for homeowners

Establish an ongoing relationship with DTE customers for real-time energy awareness.

Change the smart meter adoption narrative

Provide customers with the transparency enabled by infrastructure investments by the utility.

Build a scalable framework for product growth

Enable consumer’s future investments in the smart home with a hub for measuring impact on their energy footprint.



App downloads (iOS & Android)


Average decrease in energy usage


Energy Bridge devices requested

*In the first two years from launch (Q4 2018)

There is a significant market in the United States and world for smart home and energy-related devices. We are pleased by the positive feedback from customers who are learning more about their personal energy usage and making changes that save them money.

David E. Meador, DTE Energy Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer

Energy Bridge

Energy Bridge autobinds to the advanced meter quickly and securely, enabling direct communication in the mobile app to present real-time energy data.


Powerscan™ allows homeowners to understand the amount of power and operating cost of any appliance in the home by measuring the real-time current using the phone’s magnetometer.

Weekly Challenges

Personalized energy efficiency recommendations and weekly challenges encourage homeowners to complete energy-saving tasks. Gamifying the experience more than doubled the user retention rate to 65%.

Badges & Achievements

Users can set energy goals, see how they are trending towards their target, and get recognized when they achieve their energy usage and savings goals.

Energy On-The-Go

The app is available on iOS and Android devices – including the Apple Watch – allowing for real-time energy updates.

In partnership with DTE, Vectorform created DTE Insight to empower users to improve their home energy management. The experience works to provide homeowners with a unique blend of coaching, gamification, and social elements to reinforce a positive touchpoint with their utility provider. The app has generated the highest aggregate savings for an energy efficiency program, provides a positive and intuitive DTE brand experience, and created a new joint venture, Powerley, to take nationwide across other utilities.


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Development
  • Product Design
  • Innovation
  • Hardware/Embedded Engineering


  • Strategic user flows
  • Cross-platform UI/UX designs
  • User research & analytics
  • Test script and test cases
  • Deployment for iOS and Android
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Road Map
  • Spin Out Strategy

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