When describing the future, experiencing it is far more effective than showing or telling. DENSO, a leading global supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems, and components, aimed to showcase their advanced technology and product concepts. Utilizing immersive VR storytelling combined with hardware integration, a true ‘4D’ experience was created that showcases a future where everyone arrives comfortably and safely at their destination. The project allowed users to not just see, but experience the benefits of autonomous vehicles.


Translate a bigger vision

Transform DENSO’s vision for the future of mobility into a story that changes consumer's poor perception of autonomous driving safety, and showcases DENSO safety technology.

Experience product value

Achieve advanced hardware integration, making the experience far more than just virtual. Users are able to feel the comfort of DENSO seating through cooling, heating, and seat adjustments.

Leave a long-lasting impact

Create an awe-inspiring virtual world built on the Unity 3D and Oculus Rift platforms that leave a meaningful impact on the user long past the experience is finished.


Showcased at CES and NAIAS in 2018, the future of mobility experience left impressions on thousands of people; additionally, igniting meaningful conversations between DENSO, customers, and top automotive makers.

We want to thank this amazing multidisciplinary team that came together to create an outstanding VR experience for this year's CES show. Everyone approached this project with a high level of expertise and productive input to produce a quality product completed in a timely manner. We're blown away by the VR and hardware in the final product and the comments this week at CES directly reflect the amazing work performed.

Michael Lozano, DENSO

Safety Guaranteed

In the experience, fully autonomous driving frees the user to safely complete other tasks while traveling. When the user needs to take over, the vehicle transitions into manual driving mode. Vehicle to vehicle communication and various technologies combine to highlight potential hazards, ensuring everyone arrives safely at their destination.

HMI Design

Predicting the future of travel and life management, Vectorform told a complete user story through interface mockups and working AI visualization. Smart city grid feedback ensures the user makes it to their next calendar appointment on time. Biometrics and artificial intelligence proactively suggest the perfect music, game, or relaxation mode to ensure a stress-free trip.

Immersive Environment

Starting with the user journey and key elements of futuristic technology, Vectorform developed a custom shading system to render the stylized environment and animated effects.

Hardware Integration

Advanced hardware integration meant the experience was far more than just virtual, it was merged with the physical world as well. As users experienced something in VR, the vehicle’s seat reacted in the physical world to provide heating and cooling, movement, and haptic feedback through DENSO's advanced thermal technologies.

Project Impact

Our UX/UI, scriptwriting, interactive development, and content creation all came together to impress visitors from around the world. By merging physical and virtual worlds and groundbreaking user experiences, we help businesses like DENSO create the future.


  • Real-time Motiongraphics
  • UX/UI Design
  • Unity engineering
  • usability testing
  • on-site tech support
  • project management
  • hardware integration


  • storyboards & user flows
  • voice-over script
  • audio
  • interface designs
  • unity builds