The Mopar digital ownership experience should have been a key touchstone with FCA vehicle owners yet it was comprised of many disjointed features, with an inconsistent brand and a lack of analytics to inform quantitative insights.


Vectorform worked with Mopar to create a seamless digital ecosystem to improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship between owner, vehicle, and dealer. By creating a consistent and contextually relevant experience across web and mobile applications, FCA customers benefit from choice, connectivity, and convenience.


Unify the fragmented ownership experience

Tie together seven unique brands on two platforms to create a holistic ownership experience. Design and develop a cross-platform language to support a global digital solution.

Increase value with data-driven insight

Conduct extensive research to identify features that were most valuable to Mopar drivers across web and mobile. Improve SEO and analytics to create a contextual, anticipatory, data-driven design.

Empowering vehicle ownership

Empower users to have the ownership experience they want. Creating a personal relationship between customer, vehicle and brand through custom, connected services.


The digital ownership experience, reinvented.

More than a redesign, Vectorform combined six formerly disparate websites into one unified experience and expanded an outdated app into an extensive mobile ecosystem to serve seven FCA vehicle brands. Together, the platforms changed the way drivers engaged with their vehicles, putting control right at their fingertips.


Individually branded apps on iOS and Android


Unique annual visitors


Star avg. iOS app store rating

As of Q4 2018

Personalized Vehicle Dashboard

Keeping drivers on the road with a personalized, high-level snapshot of their vehicle with alerts, recall notices, and contextual updates.

& Service

Making vehicle maintenance easy with real-time vehicle health reports, maintenance records, owner manuals, and service scheduling with their favorite dealer.

Help when you
need it

Providing peace of mind with roadside and collision assistance, wherever the user is located.

Connected Services

Elevating vehicle-to-owner connectivity with features such as remote commands (control vehicle locks, engine start, horn, and lights), vehicle health reports, and SRT performance reports.

Product Catalog
(Web Only)

Showcasing the value of genuine Mopar parts and accessories, and helping drivers to customize their vehicle the right way.

After launch, Mopar’s digital channels became significantly more focused and personalized, reinventing the way drivers engaged with their vehicles while creating a valuable set of resources that surpass other vehicle ownership experiences.


  • Strategy & Analytics
  • UX/UI Design & Research
  • BA / Development / QA
  • Program Management


  • Strategic Feature Roadmap
  • UX/UI Design & Digital Design System
  • User Research & Analytics Findings
  • International Deployment
  • Ongoing Improvement & Feature Optimization


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