Detroit Diesel and Daimler Trucks sought to educate their target audience on their Detroit Assurance suite of truck safety features through a captivating storyline and accessible immersive experiences. The AR and VR applications were built for prospective fleet owners to learn about the truck safety features in a more memorable experience, lowering the cost and physical boundaries of onsite walkthroughs. The VR experience placed users in the driver seat as they encountered five key safety features first-hand, all working in tandem with physical seat haptics. The AR app expands to a larger audience, giving a birds-eye view of the safety features using common mobile devices.


Entice new buyers at events and beyond

Use the power of VR and AR to attract traffic to demonstration areas and create impressions on potential buyers.

Efficiently scale for accessibility

Scaling the experience to an augmented reality mobile application meant sales representatives could engage with customers without having to connect to limited VR devices.

Full immersion across physical and digital

Expand the experience for safety features through sight, sound and touch.



Event locations – NAPT, NACV, Detroit Assurance Static Experience


Dealers and Fleet Managers experienced the AR application


Target demographic impressions through the VR experience

As of Q4 2018

VR technology improves product communication process and, at the same time, offers a better perception of marketing messages. Daimler and Detroit Diesel leveraged this understanding to push their sales communications to new levels, leaving a lasting impact on their customers.


  • Real-time motiongraphics
  • UX/UI Design
  • Unity engineering
  • usability testing
  • on-site tech support
  • management


  • Storyboards & user flows
  • voice over script
  • audio
  • interface designs
  • unity builds