BLUM is a global company specialized in the production of functional furniture fittings, such as hinges, lifts, and pullout systems. The “Easy Assembly” mobile application and its Augmented Reality module focus on the needs of fitters, guiding them step by step throughout the product installation process at the end-customer location.

Project Goals

Build for enterprise

Build an enterprise grade Augmented Reality Module, that can be embedded in Blum’s “Easy Assembly App” ecosystem.

Increase installation accuracy

Design a Step-by-Step instruction in Augmented Reality that increases accuracy and functionality of the installed product, reducing both service calls and product returns.

Full catalog support

Include installation instructions for all of Blum’s products.


BLUM easy assembly achieved global rollout to support 28 languages and received both the Red Dot Design and German Design Award

The most innovative user manual at Blum.

Sven Promberger - Head of Marketing Communications, Julius Blum GMBH

Focus on fitters

Market insights from Blum and industry experts have shown that fitters worldwide have a variety of different education and diverse experience within their field. Younger fitters tend to be digital natives and use smartphones and tablets in their daily life. The “Easy Assembly” app was designed with the full spectrum of users in mind, improving adoption and ease of use.

Increased efficiency

By incorporating human-centered design principles and the latest AR technologies, Vectorform developed an app that was intuitive, easy to use, and enjoyable. Users are seamlessly assisted on how to correctly install products without ever having to take their eyes off the work area.

Offline support

Even in the most constrained network areas, fitters are provided with the access they need. Download all necessary information overnight per Job brief, stored locally on the phone, providing accessibility for any situation.

Superior product quality

The app supports fitters in executing a perfect job in shorter times, while allowing Blum to ensure the delivery of superior end-customer product quality via a more valuable B2B partnership with its service providers.

Perfection made easy

The correct placement of the product, a lift mechanism for example, as well as instructions of where and how to drill are overlaid directly on the actual work area. The “Position Finding” functionality helps the fitter place the mechanism without having to do any complicated calculation.

A challenging fixed timeline of 6 weeks was set and achieved for the whole research and product development phases. The app was presented by Julius Blum GmbH at the most important trade fair of 2015, “A30 Küchenmeile”, and was very well received by both business clients and customers.


  • Strategy & Analytics
  • UX/UI Design & Research
  • AR Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • Deployment in iOS
  • Deployment in Android