Prolitec, a leader in commercial scenting technology, was looking to disrupt the global home scenting market with a smart home fragrance system. Vectorform delivered a user-friendly mobile app, Alexa custom voice skill, and ecommerce web experience to support the launch of Aera – a smart home fragrance system.


First Time Adopters

A seamless user experience, focusing on first time smart home adopters seeking a luxurious feeling branded experience.

House-wide Control

Provide controls to adjust and schedule scent levels, across multiple diffusers in different rooms of a home.

Never Run Out

Monitor fragrance capsule levels for re-ordering, or try out a new scent.


The first meaningful innovation in the scenting space in over 50 years.

For the initial product launch, Prolitec worked closely with Vectorform, cloud platform partner Ayla Networks, hardware partner Cardinal Peak, and design partner Astro Studios. This comprehensive solution team provided the end-to-end product development services for transforming this leading commercial scenting company to deliver an exceptional connected consumer product.

Scent is used in 75% of US homes. Scenting methods and processes have not seen meaningful innovation in the last 50 years. Our three-way partnership between Ayla, Vectorform, and Prolitec produced a next generation scenting system technology and created a full featured IoT system. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Richard Weening - CEO, Prolitec

Full control and scheduling

The Aera app has full access to the scent diffuser. With it, you can control a scent’s intensity and remotely turn it on and off. With easy controls for pairing diffusers and setting schedules, you can automate and fine-tune all devices.

Easy pairing

An elevated unboxing and pairing experience, thoughtfully designed to help users who are starting their very first connected product experience.

A curated storefront

Aera gives its customers the ability to customize their experience with different scents. The storefront provides customization tools like a fragrance profile quiz and sample scent booklet, giving customers the confidence to bring the right scent into their homes.

Multiple device support

Aera provides a full-home scenting system. The app seamlessly controls multiple devices with different scents, uniquely customized for each room in the home.

Aera represents the latest in IoT for unprecedented flexibility and control in home scenting, and is designed to be category disruptive in the $20 billion global home scenting market.


  • Strategy & Analytics
  • UX/UI Design & Research
  • Mobile & Voice Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • Strategic User Flows
  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand Style Guide
  • User Research & Analytics Findings
  • Test Script & Test Cases
  • Deployment for iOS & Android
  • Deployment for Alexa
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Get the app

Download the easy-to-use AeraForHome app on your iPhone or Android to schedule or start scenting from anywhere in the world.

Voice skills

The custom Alexa Skill extends control of the device with Alexa voice commands, to activate and adjust intensity of your diffuser.