Create a trailblazing innovation program that drives growth, delivers returns, and empowers your organization to adapt and thrive for years to come.

VF Spark

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Innovation Program

Technology integration, change management, centers of excellence: they’re all critical, so where do you begin?

  • Adopt an innovative mindset
  • Embed tools, techniques, and talent to unlock organizational impact and growth
  • Plan for repeatable and effective returns on innovation
  • Focus on innovation as a competitive advantage

Program Objectives

Change Management Framework

Change Management Framework

Customize a phased and focused roll-out and change management plan around your unique organizational assets, capabilities, and communication channels. We’ll address critical organizational forces, design systems, capacity, culture, and capability gaps.

Innovation Engine

Innovation Engine

Identify and prioritize the most promising ideas to stimulate new value for your organization and customers. Provide pipeline, technology, and integrating services to optimize your innovation value chain.

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Combine innovation management systems, practices, and internal services to support business units and special projects. Our services ensure a repeatable, systematic approach that is unique to your organization.

How We‘ll Work Together

Vectorform is your partner at every step of the journey. Our customized program guides you through distinct phases, each focusing on a set of core objectives leading toward an enterprise program rollout. Along the way, we’ll work with you to take your unique management, organizational, communication, and infrastructure needs into account. Our dedicated team will engage your internal champions and additional Vectorform resources to help ensure seamless execution.

Program Benefits

  • Create Operational Excellence

    Build sustainable innovation with Vectorform Innovation Operating Model™.

  • Explore with purpose

    Systematically and sustainably explore pilots, programs, and products.

  • Tackle ambiguity

    Meet complexity with courage, creativity, commitment, and discipline to innovate.

  • Create Impact

    Collect, consolidate, and distill data driven investments.

  • Drive Culture

    Drive scalable impact across your culture.

  • Go. Go. Go. Faster

    Acquire new competencies to avoid waste, move fast, learn quick, and unlock value.