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Our Favorites From CES 2022

CES may have looked a little different this year with a hybrid of in-person and virtual experiences, but the technology and innovation showcased were still as impressive as ever.

The event continues to be one of the most important annual platforms for companies to showcase their products. It sets the tone for the biggest upcoming trends and influences so much in design and development. And regardless of the channel, it still allows a newsworthy splash of innovation and CX platforms the consumers are so eager to digest and talk about, while also providing channels for executives to network and collaborate on ideas. 

Our Vectorform team spent some time watching and learning about as many of the products as we could. We’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorites that are innovating and/or disrupting:

For those who were unable to attend or showcase your product this year – it’s okay, we’ve got you covered!

You can still stand out in launching your product when you can’t be at CES and use the time and money you would have spent towards making your product better. How?

  • Use the time to facilitate innovation to help Unlock, Unblock and Unleash the potential of your product to market. (More here)
  • Focus on bringing your products to life and leveraging the voice of your product (VOP) for better use of data and rapid, real-time collaboration.
  • Make your digital companion better.  Keep pushing for your full offering to be more than just an MVP. (More here)

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