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Neurable and Vectorform Partner to Develop Brain-Computer Interface Solutions

New technology enables developers to create brain-controlled content for virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, and connected devices.

Detroit, MI—December 5, 2018—Digital invention company, Vectorform, announced its partnership with brain-computer interface (BCI) company, Neurable, to grow business in the BCI space and develop innovative solutions for their roster of automotive, utility, home automation, and healthcare clients. Together, the companies will offer solutions around hands-free and voice-free interactions, as well as cognitive analytics on behavior for insight-driven and data rich immersive experiences.

Utilizing Neurable’s hardware and software development kit (SDK) that are customized for virtual reality (VR), Vectorform will provide strategy, design, and engineering resources to further advance technology adoption across industries including:

  • Utility – Leverage biosignals from the eye and brain for high-consequence training to protect workers in high-risk jobs. Provide intent-based physiological data and insights to further increase the benefits of a simulation training system.
  • Automotive – Curb distractions and create safer driving experiences by eliminating the need to interact with buttons and controls. A simple glance or thought and the vehicle entertainment Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI) can respond to your needs.
  • Home AutomationMonitor usage of everything from energy to laundry detergent to anticipate and automatically fulfill your needs. IoT-enabled devices offer convenience, save time and money, and reduce waste.
  • Healthcare – Provide elderly persons more autonomy and independence by allowing them to complete otherwise difficult tasks through a thought or glance. Reduces the need to actively learn new technologies, resulting in a more seamless experience and higher adoption rate.

“As part of our innovation process, we evaluate capabilities of several emerging technologies,” said Clemens Conrad, Executive Experience Director of Vectorform. “It’s all about how these technologies enable our customers growth, transform their businesses, and enhance their end-customer relationship. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area that we have been making investments in since 2012 and combining it with technologies like Virtual and Augmented Realities (VR/AR) we see the positive impacts it can have. Neurable is a great partner in both aspects, pushing what is possible to redefine the Human-Machine-Interaction paradigm.”

Neurable’s brain-computer interface technology provides integral solutions missing from AR and VR wearables. The company’s innovations in machine learning and neuroscience have finally allowed for the creation of useful EEG applications in interaction and behavioral analysis. Featuring a SDK with an analytics package and interaction suite, Neurable is the first ever BCI platform to determine what users are focused on and where their attention is to trigger an interaction. This solves issues with existing controls such as fatigue, accessibility, and common voice assistant concerns related to privacy and noisy environments, and provides new perspectives, context and data for simulation training processes.

“This partnership with Vectorform will bring BCI to more industries. Combining Vectorform’s expertise in commercializing innovations with our breakthrough technology, together we will raise the bar for human potential.”

Dr. Ramses Alcaide, Founder and CEO of Neurable

For more information about Vectorform’s VR expertise or to discuss a technology experience to help transform your business, please visit To learn more about Neurable, please visit

About Vectorform
Vectorform invents digital products and experiences for the world’s leading brands, with a focus on Immersive Technologies, Mobile Experiences, Internet of Things, Smart Homes, Connected Vehicles and Wearable Technologies. Founded in 1999, Vectorform has global offices in Detroit, Seattle, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Visit and connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

About Neurable
Neurable develops software based on breakthrough brain-computer interface (BCI) research and novel insights in neuroscience. Its technology interprets intention based on brain activity, providing users with reliable real-time control of software as well as a cognitive analytics package for informed user behavior. A platform for human-computer interaction, Neurable targets connected devices, virtual and augmented reality, licensing its software development kit (SDK) to content developers and headset manufacturers to enable completely new and immersive experiences. For more information visit

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