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Microsoft Partners Build for the Future with HoloLens

Microsoft has taken some bold steps to make its MR platform available to the public. Here’s how Vectorform is contributing to the company’s efforts.

Two years ago Microsoft gave the first public demo of HoloLens at a media event in New York City. Since then, they have amassed practical, real-world examples of HoloLens in action, helped by their efforts to make the technology more accessible to developers and partners.

Getting early access to the technology, Vectorform completed three months of intensive onsite training in Redmond, WA to grow their HoloLens development expertise, and has since been named a Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner in both North America and Europe.

Redmond Channel Partner magazine interviewed Vectorform and other partners to gather their perspective on HoloLens — how they’ve begun monetizing it, what hurdles to be aware of and how they see the technology evolving in the future.

“Because not everybody’s used it or has seen it firsthand, it’s not a platform you can sell as vaporware. You’ve really got to build up confidence that the platform is viable, that it can cover the needs that you’re talking about and your team is able to support those needs.”

Woody Floyd, Executive Director of Vectorform Seattle.


“For Vectorform, the key was to create something that would have value and appeal in both the commercial and consumer markets. For consumers, this ‘would ultimately help you with decorating a new home or doing a remodel,’  ‘But in the commercial space, [HoloFramer can act as] a tool for architects to preview what some of the interior space build-out could look like.'”

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