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Michigan’s Healthiest Employees

Traditional wellness programs just didn’t seem the right approach for Vectorform LLC. President and CEO Jason Vazzano said the diverse workforce of computer coders, artists and engineers operates in a very stressful environment, with a range of schedules and needs. The solution was “VectorHealth,” a whole mind-and-body health plan that involves meditation, diet — and even ultimate Frisbee….

(Finalist: 100-499 employees, Metro Detroit)

“It’s interesting how widely adopted it’s been,” Vazzano said. “It’s not just eating, but meditation, healthy competition. It’s an awesome program.”

Executive Assistant Amy Vasilev launched VectorHealth last year from the company’s Royal Oak headquarters. More than half of the 100 global employees — in Michigan, New York, Seattle, Germany and India — have participated in one or more activities.

Fridays in Royal Oak, for example, typically end with ultimate Frisbee time in the park.

“Most wellness programs focus on food, diet and exercise,” Vasilev said. “We wanted to encourage healthy living at work, lowering stress, team-building and inter-office collaboration. It was more to increase awareness and reduce stress.”

Financial benefits have been limited early on — long-term insurance savings are expected. While the program’s offerings are diverse — traditional weight-loss and exercise activities, along with attention to hydration and sleep — participation is kept as simple as possible. Vasilev said making the program accessible was the key to its success.

“When it started, it was more complicated and time-consuming,” Vasilev said of program registration, tracking and updates. “Dumb it down, make it as simple and easy as possible for people. Don’t let the process stress you out.”

Originally published by Crain’s Detroit Business

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