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Is the Future of Tech Wearable?

At TEDx Detroit I had the opportunity to meet a dynamic duo, Kevin Foreman and Jason Vazzano from Vectorform. Vectorform is a digital agency in Royal Oak that focuses on creating software for very large brands including Google, Nike, and Microsoft. They describe themselves as inventors of digital products and experiences.

The company started 14 years ago when Jason left his job at Chrysler to start his own ad agency with his partner and Co-CEO, Kurt Steckling.

“Ad agencies used to be involved in product development,” says Jason. Vectorform brings the agency role back into product development, leading the way. “We describe ourselves as part think tank, part studio, and part lab.”

Now, Jason’s company has locations around the world and is working to create the digital experience we may soon get to take part of with Google Glass. The duo believes that wearable devices will be the future of technology.

“We’re trying to merge the best of the digital world with the physical world,” says Kevin.

Wearable technology combines physical products, like glasses and watches or clothing, with electronic technology. Google Glass, the rumored Google Watch, even aBluetooth Dress are all hailed as signs of what’s to come with product innovation.

Vectorform is a bringing a piece of this innovation to Michigan. Kevin shared an example of an experience that’s created for wearable technology, an application that allows you to race against yourself – literally. It can record your previous time and performance and then match it up next to you while you are running and wearing Google Glass. You could download your own “ghost data” as Kevin calls it, your friend’s data, or a celebrity’s data. It changes the way we think about running with technology.

“We’re exploring all wearable technology. We’re pushing it to the edge,” says Jason. “It’s really one of the few industries where you get a new tool every single day.”

For any ambitious designers and developers, Vectorform is currently hiring for positions in Michigan and around the world. Jason said they only hire entrepreneurs, they love to help them invent and grow inside their company.

Would you want to be on the team that may create our future’s tools? What do you think about a wearable future?

Originally published by Michipreneur

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