Take your product skills to the next level and learn from experienced product makers!

The launch of Product Leaks by DPS successfully brought together like-minded individuals from different industries to gain insights into digital product development. The DPS space in the IBM Watson IoT Center set the mood in the best way possible, inspiring great conversations before and after the presentations. There was lively discussion about Human-Computer-Interaction and the state of voice user interfaces.

“All-in-all I would recommend the meetup series to anyone wanting to get more insight into real life digital product development, while meeting interesting people from different industries.”

Johannes Start, Senior Solution Engineer, Mobile & Emerging Technologies – Vectorform

Key takeaways included learning what it takes to make a machine understand natural language, how to design for it, and who has the best cards to win the home assistant race.

Presentations were given by:

  • Johannes Start, Senior Solution Engineer, Mobile & Emerging Technologies – Vectorform
  • Eugenio Tella, Head of Product Management – Global Savings Group (Cuponation)