Unlock the full potential of AR, VR, AI, and Robotics at Futureland

Futureland took place in Milan, Italy November 9-10, 2017. The two-day, international tech event enabled the business community to learn about the latest practical applications of emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

The international audience of 400 selected entrepreneurs, corporate executives, startups, investors, media and decision makers explored new business opportunities in a variety of industries such as healthcare, automotive, industrial automation, media, gaming, sports, and entertainment.

Vectorform Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Vazzano, served as the Master Keynote Speaker and discussed how to truly develop game-changing products, services, and processes for both enterprise and consumer markets.

Session Overview:

Title: The Promise of Exponential Technology and the Insatiable Customer of Tomorrow

Overview: A compelling product/service set and substantial market share are no longer sufficient measures of success for the modern business. Today, the success of an organization lies in its ability to foster a culture of continuous transformation, that adapts to meet the ever-evolving needs, wishes, and desires of its customers.

Tomorrow’s customers will expect on-demand, life-altering moments of significance from the products and experiences they consume. As such, future leaders of organizations must leverage robust AI-driven customer insights, while deploying fully autonomous manufacturing and supply chain solutions to enable real-time, bespoke product development delivered to your doorstep.

How must the organizations of today adopt a culture of courage to constantly challenge, disrupt, and evolve their own businesses to consistently meet the needs of tomorrows customer?