Social Experiences and Demystifying ARKit

The DETrealities Conference took place in Detroit on Friday, October 6th bringing together everyone in Southeastern Michigan doing VR, MR, and AR. The Conference was a one day, TED-talk style event held at Grand Circus Headquarters.

Vectorformers Jeff Meador, Director of Apple Technologies and Rich Geyer, Director of Emerging Technologies shared a keynote presentation on Social Experiences and Demystifying ARKit.

The presentation discussed how VR is evolving our connected lives by removing screens separating us and fully immersing people together in the same digital space. Furthermore, they explored how these new forms of social engagement will forever change our work, play, and lives. Jeff focused on demystify all things ARKit by providing a brief history of AR on mobile devices, the differences and possibilities with Metaio and ARKit, and the future of ARKit & AR going mainstream!