Without the right approach you can lose time, waste money, and damage your reputation.

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What is innovation consulting?

Vectorform is made up of proven inventors, designers and subject matter experts. We partner with you on swiftly bringing digital products and customer experiences from imagination to operationalization. Innovation consulting helps you with everything from product development and customer experiences to digital transformation strategy. We combine innovation consulting with innovation management so you get to market faster and with fewer risks. 


How we use design thinking to drive innovation.

We use design thinking to help you deliver innovation that makes a measurable impact on your business. Design thinking solves complex problems by focusing on the user’s needs with human-centered design. Innovation management then helps you turn these new ideas into testable products as quickly as possible. 


How our innovation management process drives digital transformation

Innovation isn’t one and done. We help you operationalize product innovation so you can keep your competitive edge. Experimentation reduces uncertainty and our innovation management helps you create a long-term digital transformation strategy that addresses current, interim, and future digital transformation needs. 

What does innovation mean to you? Do you need to:

Execute a Specific Project:

Test a new idea and use R&D to take it to the next level.

Operationalize new ideas and experience digital transformation without disrupting the business.

Tap into the latest in technology and design, for example:

  • Immersive technology
  • Intelligent computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Natural Language Processing

Embed Innovation in the Business:

Foster innovative mindsets in your teams.

Reimagine your product/service for the digital age. Tap into AR and/or VR.

Make a business case for change, from digital transformation to product innovation, and secure buy-in across multiple departments.

Create Ongoing Pipeline of Product Ideas:

Create a portfolio of growth paths.

Use design thinking to develop the products, services, or processes that meet unmet needs in your industry.

Innovation Management will make sure all tested ideas go to market.

Meet the Innovation Programs

Kickstart your Focus

Kickstart your Focus


Many solutions on the market already do something similar; you need to provide something truly distinctive.

Use VF Spark™ to help your team use design thinking and emerging technologies, including AR and VR, to generate ideas that create value and reduce churn.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Accelerate Speed to Market


Once you’ve generated ideas with R&D for product innovation, don’t let them languish. Innovation management helps you focus your team around a key initiative by prioritizing the product innovation that will make the most impact within a limited time.

Use VF Ignite™ to close the innovation execution gap. Create a roadmap and action plan without disrupting current operations.

Align Innovation with Business

Align Innovation with Business


Turn silos into synergy. Incorporate all key departments and align IT with business goals. Digital transformation and product innovations make a real world impact and your organization forges a secure future.

Use VF Torch™ to create a long term strategy with a powerful vision that includes current, interim, and future digital transformation needs. 

More Future, Less Friction

More Future, Less Friction


Once is not enough. Ensure continuous improvement by making human centered design thinking and product innovation part of your company DNA.

Use VF Blaze™ to operationalize product innovation and keep your competitive edge. Correctly use experimentation to reduce uncertainty and learn how to avoid operational pitfalls by embedding the right tools, techniques, and talent.

We help CIOs, CTOs and Product Leaders de-risk innovation and product development.

You’re at the Nexus of Operations and Business. Beyond delivering big data, security and infrastructure, you’re also expected to leverage technology, think through business implications, and offer something your rivals don’t. Innovation is no longer optional.

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